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Carpet Vinyl Underlay Door Bars & Edges Fitting



We stock hundreds of rolls of underlay & we have a selection of carpet underlays with a range of different performance levels (basic, good & luxurious comfort) & at different price points.  This gives our customers the best range of options for the stairs, lounge & bedrooms where there will be different needs & budgets.


60% of customers who buy a new carpet consider using their old underlay rather than purchasing a new underlay.  This is a false economy in most cases & one that we discourage for the following reasons:



Underlay acts as a buffer or shock absorber between your new carpet and the hard floor.  This extends the life of the carpet because the damage inflicted by feet & furniture is transferred to the underlay.


New underlay is normally guaranteed for the lifetime of a new carpet.  An old underlay may have degraded & might not be suitable for another new carpet.

The carpet manufacturers may not guarantee the performance of the new carpet if it has not been purchased with a new underlay.


Old underlay will be less comfortable under foot than new underlay. Even thick pile carpets will not provide underfoot comfort if laid directly onto hard floors such as floor boards or concrete.


Old underlay will be more prone to indentation marks from heavy furniture.


Old underlay will be more worn in high traffic areas.  If you have turned back the underlay in the corner of a room where there is less foot traffic, the underlay will be much less worn than in the centre of the room or under heavy furniture.  This gives the misguided impression that the underlay is still in good condition.

A good underlay improves heat & sound insulation.

If you are investing in a new carpet then please consider looking after it by investing in a new underlay.